After leaving High School on the Isle of Wight I spent three years at Portsmouth College of Art doing Technical Illustration (Engineering). The recession of the 1980's coincided with my college graduation and mean't I never worked as a Technical Illustrator, but my training has been useful in later jobs.


My first job was as a Four Colour Film Planner in the printing industry which lasted for fifteen years, first on the Isle of Wight and then in London. When computer technology made Four Colour Film Planners pretty much obsolete, I worked as an Editorial Assistant at the Royal Astronomical Society in London for eight years. First on the Astronomical journal Monthly Notices and then on Geophysical Journal International. When the introduction of computers began to change my job beyond recognition and mean't contact with Authors and Reviewers was virtually non-existant I decided to leave and join my Husband working in Film and Television.


Currently I work as a Visual Effects Assistant and Digital Artist with my Husband, often doing Rotoscope work and Process Screen work when doing Post Production work. This has lead to some overseas assignments, in 2008 I spent three months in Romania working on the film "Bunraku", I am credited as a Visual Effects Assistant. Between April and September 2010 I worked on location filming the TV series “Outcasts” in South Africa, with some further post production work afterwards back in the UK. Sadly I didn't get a credit for this. I am currently working on the Dave McKean film "Luna", although production has had several breaks due to interuptions in funding.


I also have many hobbies, probably too many really. Science Fiction is a big interest and forms a large part of my life. I also paint, mostly in oils, which I am happiest in, but also in other mediums too. I paint a large range of subjects, but not portraits. I also create digital paintings using VUE software, mostly with a space theme and often with a Science Fiction bent.