Other Hobbies

I have many hobbies, probably too many really, but I'm not a person who can just sit down and do nothing. Apart from my knitting work for West Wight Alpacas, I also do a lot of knitting for myself too. I also crochet, do patchwork, and quilting. I'm quite a practical person and do quite a lot of DIY around the house. I have several outdoor pursuits and have an allotment with my Mother. I grow a lot of plants, but tend to concentrate on unusual species. I grow Orchids, all from nursery stock. I am opposed to taking plants from the wild these days unless the habitat is being destroyed, and then I feel they should be moved to another suitable location rather than ending up in "captivity". I also grow carnivourous plants too and seeing sundews growing in the wild in South Africa a few years ago was a real treat, I was not able to positively identify them, but they were very small and some were growing in quite dry conditions. Needless to say I took only photographs.