My Knitted products

After many years of knitting from other peoples patterns I have recently started creating my own patterns. I hope to have some of them Ravelry in the future, but at the moment I will just put up a few pictures of what I have done so far.

Leaf & Trellis Scarf

Leaf & Trellis Scarf 2

Leaf & Trellis Scarf 3

Leaf & Trellis Scarf

Another close up of the scarf. This really shows the pattern and how it waves a bit from side to side. I didn't realise this when I decided to try a scarf using it, it does mean you never really know how many stitches you should have except for the first and last row of the pattern. This does mean the finished item does have to be blocked after knitting, so the pattern wouldn't be suitable for a man made yarn. Having said that, it could be made up in a fine cotton if, like me, you have problems with wool next to your skin. I must admit even Alpaca can cause me a few problems at times, but I do have some odd contact allergies and very sensitive skin.