I was born in Oxford and moved to the Isle of Wight with my parents at the age of seven. After leaving High School I spent the next three years at Portsmouth College of Art doing Technical Illustration (Engineering), this involved a daily commute from the Island to Portsmouth which took about two hours each way. I never actually worked as a technical illustrator; the introduction of new computer technology meant the need for illustrators disappeared almost overnight and before I completed my course. Instead I spent almost two years unemployed, during this time I did archaeological illustration on a voluntary basis at the local Archaeological Unit in the hope of widening my job prospects. Sadly this didn’t work, but it was a good experience and did keep up my drawing skills.


On the set of "Outcasts" with a copy of

Monthly Notices, which I used to work on.

Eventually I got a job as a Four Colour Film Planner in the printing industry, at first on the Isle of Wight and then in London. This career lasted for about fifteen years before computer technology once again made my job obsolete. After being made redundant twice by the same firm, (its a long story!), I got a job as an Editorial Assistant at the Royal Astronomical Society. For the first six years I worked on the Astronomical journal Monthly Notices, and then on Geophysical Journal International. In total I worked for the Royal Astronomical Society for eight years before once again the introduction of computers began to change my job beyond recognition. The interaction between the Editorial Assistants and the authors, editors, and referees diminished and the stress levels increased. It was time to leave. I have not cut my contact with the RAS and am now a fellow of the society, although since moving back to the island the cost of travel has dramatically cut the number of meetings I can go to. This is a shame as I really enjoyed the meetings and seeing my former colleagues.



Since then I have been working with my Husband as his visual effects assistant, painting, creating my digital art images, knitting (I am a compulsive knitter, for more details go to the knitting section of my website), and taking photographs. I am also a keen gardener and grow many things including carnivorous plants, orchids, and other exotics. In September 2012 I got an allotment, which I tend with my Mother. I'm hoping for better weather in 2013, but so far the omens aren't looking good!


Between takes on "Outcasts" at Grabouw, South Africa.