I learnt to knit at about the age of seven and I have to admit that it has now become a bit of an obsession. I knit not only for myself, but also for West Wight Alpacas. I also design some items for them too, I have to admit to creating the “Alpaca Hat”. 

This is a gallery of some of the items I have made. Not all are knitted, some are crocheted. There are some Science Fiction soft toys I made for my Husband, we are both lifelong fans of the genre. There are also a couple of pictures of “The Luggage”, these were created in crochet and were a one off. I made them, with full permission, to raise funds in memory of Sir Terry Pratchett. They were auctioned at Armadacon in 2015 and the money raised went to Alzheimers Research and The Orangutan Foundation UK. 

Cat’s Paw scarf

Leaf & Trellis scarf

Andorian Clanger

Evil-Mad Minion

French Maid Minion

The Luggage 

All of The Luggage ready for the auction

Celtic style gloves for West Wight Alpacas

Alpaca Toy, designed for West Wight Alpacas

Cobweb Shawl, pattern re-written for West Wight Alpacas

Furry Hat, created for West Wight Alpacas

Alpaca Hat, designed for West Wight Alpacas

Bow Top, created for West Wight Alpacas