I have been taking photographs using various cameras since I was about four years old, something that happens when your Father was also a very keen photographer. I can remember him handing me a small "Box Brownie" type of camera that he had put film in when I was about four, it was winter and we were down at Keyhaven where we had our boat out of the water. He sent me off to take photographs on my own whilst he and my Mum got on with work on the boat. I can remember taking pictures of the creek and boats at their moorings, as well as a swan. I keep hoping to find these pictures again, but so far they haven't surfaced, but with a house still full to overflowing with his photographs I still have hope of finding them. I never feel quite right without a camera, even if it is a mobile phone with a camera. I am currently sorting out and cataloguing my late Father’s photographs and I hope to add a small gallery of his images in this section one day soon.