I rarely get on the credit list of productions I work on, the exception so far being films.

Here is a list of Productions I have worked on.

Film Credits

BUNRAKU (2010): Visual Effects Assistant.

THE GOSPEL OF US (2012): Compositor - BirdMan Sequence (2012)

LUNA (2014): Digital Compositor

CORVIDAE (2017) short film: visual effects consultant

Broadcast Productions

THE HUNGERFORD MASSACRE: for BBC Television:  Digital Artist (un-credited) 

No Strings Attached Ltd.

ALIEN WORLDS:  Big Wave Productions for BBC Television: Digital Artist (un-credited) 

No Strings Attached Ltd.

AFRICAN PARKS NETWORK: for Matthew Hoad-Robson: Digital Artist (un-credited).

MISSION 2110: for BBC Scotland: Rotoscope Artist (un-credited) Darkside Animation Films Ltd.

OUTCASTS: for Kudos Film and Television and the BBC: VFX Assistant (un-credited) for 

Darkside Animation Films Ltd.

SPOOKS Series 10 Episode 5: for Kudos Film and Television and the BBC:  VFX Assistant 


BEN COLLINS STUNT DRIVER (2015): visual effects artist

CLONED: Rotoscope Artist (un-credited) (most recent TV production)